How we are working
Pre-trial, judicial, out-of-court settlement
We communicate with bailiffs and Public authorities
Bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals
Conducting difficult Negotiation
Working with the media
Routine legal work
Our clients
Legal entities and individuals with troubled receivables
We help companies and individuals to repay debts of counterparties and work until the actual return of money from the debtor.
Legal entities and individuals in corporate conflicts
We help in resolving difficult corporate conflicts.
Legal entities and individuals with troubled accounts payable
We will conduct negotiations with your creditors
Legal entities and individuals, needing legal support
We will provide legal assistance from consultation to solution of the problem
Наши преимущества
Team of specialists
Not only one person will work on the solution of your problem, but a whole team that will be able to provide various solutions.
Search for non-standard solutions
Any problem always has several solutions. We ensure the study of all solution options.
A complex approach
We evaluate the task from all sides.
We guarantee complete confidentiality.
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